OneUP Slow Feed Webbed Hay Bag 2″ by 2″ Opening

Article Number – HB – 7887

Slow feed web hay feeder.
1 Inch wide Strong webbing
2″x2″ openings to slow horse feeding
Bag sizing is 24 X 24 X 9 inches
Customized Sizing Available
Branding Option

Hay Bag manufacturer

Slow feed web hay feeder. The entire bag is made from 1" webbing in small 2"x2" openings to slow the horse down while eating and make less waste. A plastic frame in webbing at the top makes loading hay easy. Adjustable hanging strap with snaps at both ends to close the top of the hay bag so the horse can't sneak hay from the top. Includes strap on lower back to secure the bag to stall or trailer to keep it from spinning.


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