OneUP Pet Grooming Hair Thinning Blender Scissors 6 Inch

Article Number – PGSS – 201

High Carbon Stainless Steel
Super Cut Available in 6 to 9 Inches
48 to 50 Hardness
Multipurpose Hairdressing Scissors
Thinning & Blending
Removable Rings
Adjustable Screw
Suitable for all Breeds & Size

OneUP Pet Grooming Thinning & Blending Scissors are Ideal for Normal and Curly Coats, 6 Inch Scissors are suitable for Puppies, Small Dogs, Adult Dogs, and Cats.

OneUP Blender Scissors have one side “Comb” serrated edge and one side is normal scissors. With blender Scissors you can have your short and long hairs run over without seeing any marking, for example, from the comb side, you can lift the hair and cut from the normal side.

OneUP Thinning Scissors have both blades serrated in the form of a comb. You can easily thin out a coat that is too heavy. By using thinning shears, it is possible to model the coat where necessary. You can also thin out at the root to make the coat seem thinner and flatter.

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