OneUP Pet Nail Filer Soft Plastic Handle 6 Inch

Article Number – PGNF – 7861

Professional Quality Nail File
Made of Japanese Steel hardened and tempered for a long life
Available in Straight and Curved Patterns
Nail File Smooth Rough Edges & Ideal for Claw Care
Grip handle makes it easy to hold
Nail file smooth and healthy
Nail file is perfect for Cats and dogs or any other pet
Can Be Purchase as Set.
Overall Length: 15.5cm
File Length: 4.5cm
File Width: 1.3cm

OneUP Nail File is perfect for your beloved Pet as claw care is an essential aspect of pet grooming, as some dogs and cats are afraid of having their nails clipped. For these dogs & cat, OneUP manual nail file is an ideal tool. OneUP Nail File is also available in a curved shape to protect the natural contour of your pet’s nails.

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