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Esitablished in 2018

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OneUP Pet, founded in 2018, is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality pet accessories, gym accessories, and equestrian products. With a commitment to excellence, we have established ourselves as a reliable exporter, reaching markets across the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Africa. Our dedication to crafting exceptional products has earned us a strong reputation in the industry.

OneUP Pet offers full customization solutions to its clients including designing, branding, and packing. Which suits every individual customer demand. Our all products are manufactured inside facility to control quality and prices.

We are based in Sialkot-Pakistan and welcome you with a long-term business partnership and success.

Way to Success

Original Design

The company develops OEM, ODM and manufactures bestselling products, high in demand in the world market.

Private Labeled

You have the option to include your custom private label logo on the products. Throughout our products range.

High Quality Products

Our dog clothes, wear, and jackets are crafted using eco-friendly materials that not only have durability but also provide a remarkable texture.

Enhanced Stitching

All seams in every position are meticulously reinforced with over-lock enhanced stitches to ensure maximum strength and durability.

Customer Focused

OneUP with its Clients conducted in the format of a partnership: consulting and information support, marketing support, and warranty service.

Constant Development

Every year the company presents new products in the world pet market and confidently expands the geography of its presence in Europe, America, Asia, and Africa.

Our Business Partners

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OneUP Pet offers full range of customized products. We welcome your product and pricing inquiry.

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22 Street 5 Toheed Town Sialkot-Pakistan

+92 317 2222091


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