OneUP 3 in 1 Pet Stripping Knifes Wooden Handle

Article Number – PGSK – 786

Premium Quality Product
3 in 1 Stripping Knife with Fine, Extra Fine & Medium Tip
Blade Length 4.50 cm/2.25 Inch
Perfect Pet Hair Grooming Tool
Japanese Steel
CNC Teeth Cut
Easy wooden Grip 10 cm
Available in Multiple Colours

stripping knives manufacturer

Most of the dogs have rough or wiry coats, hand stripping is most definitely the excellent grooming Method. With OneUP 3 in 1 stripping knives, you will have an even more beautiful dog with a perfect-looking hair coat, OneUP 3 in 1 stripping knives have a medium round tip, and fine and extra-fine blades. One tool does it all.

This 3 in 1 Stripping Knife comes with Fine, Extra Fine & Medium Tip, Blade Length 4.50 cm/2.25 Inch. Made of Japanese Steel, CNC Cutting, Available in Wooden and Plastic Grips.

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OEM and ODM are Available for this Product, From Design, Packing, and Branding.

stripping knives manufacturer


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